Fun, fellowship and making a difference.

As we start our new year of serving the children of the Garden Route, it is a delight to be able to tell all of those who are are part of the e'Pap family that our project is not only thriving, but we are having a ball!

In this newsletter we are going to share a couple of the exciting and fun things that happened at the beginning of this year. We also share a few fun facts about our project, but first we want to start with a very big thank you. We have just finished recording the donations received for the first two months of this year and are so grateful for:

  • the growing number of names of generous donors who support us so faithfully and regularly,
  • the diversity of our support base, ranging from the local primary school to the northern reaches of Scotland, from New Zealand to America,
  • young people, retirees, churches, many service organisations, Rotary clubs, our local municipality and many many more.

For your generosity, faithfulness, graciousness and for your friendship we send our heartfelt gratitude. e'Pap is a wonderful example of the power of partnerships. Donors, volunteers, school staff, fellow charities and our leadership group form a wonderful partnership that succeeds in making the lives of the children in this area, so much better. Thank you.

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Collina and Andile are guests of honour at a Rotary lunch

In 2016 we partnered with the Knysna Rotary to fund the education of Collina Muleka, the lady who is the founder and teacher at the small  school for deaf children in Hornlee. After three years of hard work she has completed her course and this week we attended a splendid celebratory Rotary lunch at which she received her certificate. Our hearty congratulations to Collina and Andile, her husband, who are close partners in this wonderful venture. Partnerships really do make a huge difference.

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e'Pap powers boys at Knysna Sports Academy

At the recent Rotary awareness day, we met Paulus, an amazingly committed school cycling coach. Four days later, we introduced his school boys to e'Pap before they commenced their cycle training for the afternoon. They all had a taste and then wolfed it down, some coming back for more. There were big smiles all round as they finished their porridge and went outside to prepare their bikes for the afternoon's activity. Even coach Paulus enjoyed a bowl. Many of these boys arrive at the Knysna Sports Academy Centre having walked several kilometers from their township schools. They are committed, disciplined and they are hungry. So a nutritious plate of e'Pap is just what the doctor ordered to give them the necessary energy to train hard and succeed at their sport of choice!

What a privilege and blessing it is for us to be able to make a difference in the lives of these children. Partnerships achieve wonderful benefits for the children in our community!


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