Shelley’s 2018 report

 …….  It’s lovely to have Nicky with us today. We will hear more from her about KET next year.  Four really special relationships.

Turning now to new Schools

Apart from the George schools, we have some other new ones here and in Plett.  Bubble Bekkies is one of these and Carol-Anne is the volunteer. This is a small home based Creché with about 8 children who are cared for in a very loving environment by Abigail Bowrie. The children just love having CarolAnne visit them. She feeds some and does  activities with others. When we leave they always come out to the gate and wave goodbye.    Good relationships.are being forged with the children and the teachers.

Another new pre-school is The Learning Tree, a model pre-school which belongs to KET.  This is a state of the art school with everything that opens and shuts. 

At the other end of the age spectrum, Hands and Hearts is a project that does amazing work for young men between the ages of 16 and 30 who are doing a skills programme through Youth for Christ. 

Hands and Hearts, as the course is called, trains about 18 young men each year and sends them out with carpentry, and metal work skills and a fully equipped toolbox. We were approached to provide ePap as all they were receiving was a sandwich in the morning. They gobble down their ePap and it provides the energy they need to carry on for the rest of the day.   

Gerald Bower had this to say.   " It was really great partnering with you this year, you made it possible for us to provide more for our students and they achieved much more than previous years."

Sadly the centre for the Little Angels for disabled children has closed due to finance and lack of staff.

Although the overwhelming number of Feeding outlets are through pre-schools we also provide ePap to a  primary school and a high school in Hornlee. and

Mrs. Naik is a Grade 4 teacher at Fraaisig. At the beginning of the year she approached me and said she would like to feed the children in her classroom before school started. Lally and I went along at about 7am and helped her set up and mix the porridge. She has 52 children squashed into her class. The children loved it and came back for seconds.  The Feeding went very well and about a month ago she contacted me to say that there was a problem. She had lost her assistant who mixed the Pap and washed up afterwards and she would probably have to stop as she couldn't manage alone. This was very sad but probably inevitable.   I assumed that this was what had happened. Then out of the blue one Sunday she popped in and said she needed ePap. She was very emotional as she then told me this story. After she stopped, the behaviour of the children deteriorated and they were stopping off on the way to school to buy sweets, chips etc. She was very concerned. The children then approached her and said they really missed their ePap and that they would do the preparation and washing up. 

Even better is still to come. At the awards ceremony her class received 119 Academic awards and 4 sports awards. She was over the moon. And the children say it is because of ePap. ………  “ and to think that I nearly pulled the plug.” ……. she said.

Apart from our Feeding which of course is the backbone of our project, we have been busy in other areas. 

Training uses the second biggest portion of our budget. 

This year we have been able to send 19 teachers to Bronnesentrum for training. Lesle Odendaal and Lally run this part of our project and we are so grateful to them both. It takes a lot of time and energy as the teachers have to be selected and followed up and encouraged throughout the year. 

I would like to share a story which started with a strong relationship  between a past volunteer June Marais and Meraai at HIldur Stent school many years ago. June moved to Howick but kept touch with Meraai. Three years ago the names of the ladies applying for bursaries came in and there was Meraai. Up until now she was a quiet .....lady who helped look after the babies. We were not sure whether she would make it in Oudtshoorn. I stuck my neck out and pushed for her to be included largely because I thought she needed a chance, but I must tell you my heart was in my mouth because I really didn’t know if she had it in her to cope. 

Not only did she complete her first two years but she applied to do Diploma this year. I was astounded. A couple of weeks ago I popped into visit her unannounced. There she was in front of her 4 to 5 year olds, as confident as any teacher I have seen and beaming from ear to ear. We had a such a big hug. What started as a gut feel and taking a chance has transformed a lady’s life. She now is a fully qualified teacher with a Diploma which can get her a job anywhere. 

We are so privileged to come into touch with people we would never normally meet and to make and impression on them and perhaps give them a hand to climb a little higher in life. 

This stroy is an  example of a relationship which has grown and survived even though the volunteer has moved away.  

Our practical skills training has continued this year with Barbara de Jager giving ladies who have not had any training an idea of what is supposed to happen Ina classroom. Marlise and Mary have organised this and the ladies have loved it and benefitted greatly. Some who have even done training come as they say it is so practical and helpful. We also need to thank Rodney and Pam at the Methodist Church for allowing us to use the hall for these training sessions. We are always made to feel very welcome. 

Book Boxes. Lois Kleyn and Jacqueline Cumberlege have put together  book boxes which they rotate amongst some schools. The children absolutely love the books and Lois as you can see. This is fostering a love of reading in them. After the last Practical Skills course Lois did a session on reading to children and how to teach them to appreciate books. This was very valuable. Thank you Lois and Jacqui.


Through our Fixit fund we have been able through the involvement of the volunteers concerned to 

  •  Repair the roof at Isiseko
  •  Erect a fence at Little Hearts. They fund raised for some of the costs and we helped. 
  •  Provide mattresses to Pakamani, Bubbel gummers
  •  Provide table and chairs to Ethembeni and others

There are so many people who do things behind the scenes eg Lesle Odendaal and Carol Bohlman who maintain our stocks of paint, glue and stationery. Having this on hand just helps our teachers to be able to do projects and implement ideas they have been taught without having to buy the various items themselves.  This is another way in which we work together with KET. I am noticing a much higher standard of teaching in the classrooms. The KET team are teaching and monitoring the teachers and we are helping to provide the materials with which to work. 

Partnerships and good relationships benefit everyone especially our children. 

Marion Flaum from our Methodist church has singlehandedly made 500 pencil bags and the ladies of the Women’s Auxiliary have filled them for the children who go off to Primary school next year. The children just love them and it gives them something to take on their first day.  Big, big thanks to Marion and Joan. 

Thanks to Annie’s encouragement and prodding the filling in of the stock sheets has greatly improved. Thanks to all of you for taking the extra trouble and being more vigilant as to checking that they are correctly filled in and brought back to the e'Hut or given to Liz in Plett. 

Small group meetings

These were a great success and happy occasions where we were able to get together in small groups to chat about what was going on at the various schools. To support each other and share ideas. 

A big thank you to the Area Reps who organised and catered for these events. Apart from sharing news about our various schools we were able to get to know other e’Pap Volunteers and deepen relationships. There was lots of laughter and sharing as we gathered together. 

Leisure Isle Festival  Many of you know Lorr Scanlen who was an e’Pap volunteers some years ago. She is a most creative and fun person. We thank her for our new look LIF stall. It was so much more appealing and drew in many interested visitors.

We also thank the men who supported us, who helped at the Bar and helped me on the ePap stall.  Lindsay Durham once again brought the children from Ethembeni down to sing for the crowds. They had a party afterwards with cake donated by Ouma’s Pantry and had some fun at the fishing stall. 

Finance   Peter & Jon tell me that the best financial reports are the shortest. This  is our financial report:  

“As a result of a generous and faithful donor community we have had enough money to do our job this year and we are confident for next year”. We thank our generous donors and our handsome treasurers.

As I began with Gratitude so I would like to conclude my report with Gratitude to our 

Our management team, Lally, Peter, Nicky & John

Our Area Reps - Liz van Niekerk, NIcky Rutherfoord, Marlise Basson, Lesle Odendaal, Helga Raynor, Hilary Haarhoff, Ursula Hugo, Rose Alcock, Joan Tarbotan,

Annie for her wonderful thank you letters and so much more. 

We are so blessed to have these wonderful people at the helm of our project. And to know that all of this is done with so much love and dedication, knowing that what we do week by week enriches the lives of our thousands of children. 

Thank you