Teacher Training


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               Pre-School Skills Training Course

A very helpful Training course has been run by Barbara de Jager who is a retired Pre-school Principal, for teachers and assistants in our schools. She is a most enthusiastic and bubbly person who shared her love of teaching, very easy to implement and inexpensive ideas with the ladies. They came to the end of the two week course thrilled to be able to go back to their Pre-schools and immediately begin to try out new ideas with their children. 

Some of the ladies had never done any training before and were understandably rather nervous. They went home today having grown in stature and confidence and with a whole lot of new tools to help them teach their little ones. Even those who had had previous training were thrilled with what they had learned. 

A big thank you to two of our e’Pap Volunteers, Marlise Basson and Mary Watson for organizing the course and bringing Barbara to Knysna.